Create a Budget

For partners new to advocacy, it may be challenging to envisage the costs of advocacy work. The most important investment will be in skilled staff who can dedicate themselves to delivering the advocacy action plan. You will also need communication expenses, including airtime to speak with partners, stakeholders and policy-makers, as well as travel costs for face-to-face meetings, where possible.

As part of your advocacy plan, you may want to hold public events or publish advocacy materials, such as a briefing paper or frequently asked questions. When involving the community, it is important to reimburse their expenses, such as travel and childcare, and provide good food or a per diem. Use Tool 7: Budget Template.


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Always look for free and low-cost options for meeting venues and catering available in the community or via advocacy partners. Local businesses may be willing to donate computer equipment, airtime or supplies. Wherever possible, use existing equipment and resources that you already have to hand.