Develop Impactful Advocacy Messages

Part 2 of this toolkit sets out four broad key advocacy messages prioritized by civil society consultations through CSEM. You will need to adapt these and tailor them to your specific context. Tool 5: Message Development Template will help you create a set of messages for a range of audiences and advocacy targets.

More detailed messaging around COVID-19 and civil society asks is also available on the CSEM website.


How to incorporate UHC messages into your ongoing advocacy work:

  1. When advocating for action on a specific health topic, call for UHC that increases domestic and donor resources for health and commits to leaving no one behind.
  2. Adapt political messages around UHC alongside disease-specific messages. This will reduce fragmentation and competition among health initiatives, leading to more government buy-in to prioritize the SDGs.
  3. Prepare arguments from an equity angle and propose as part of UHC benefit packages. Promote comprehensive people-centred primary health care.