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When the first case of COVID-19 was announced in Kenya, a lot was still unknown about the virus. There was an overload of both information and misinformation, and a lack of evidence to guide patient care and support systems. This prompted the formation of the Ryculture COVID-19 Task Force under Ryculture Health and Social Innovation. The Task Force aimed at providing proven scientific information on COVID-19 from verified sources, targeting health professionals and any curious minds. The Task Force focused on researching and writing articles to inform practice, and prompt clinical and social behavior change.

This was critical in containing spread of COVID-19 in the midst of information overload and misinformation, and in providing a platform for young people to contribute to clinical practice in managing COVID-19 patients through evidence-based and scientifically=reviewed findings. Clinical case management topics ranging from lessons from the past outbreaks, conventional and alternative medicine with potential use, managing comorbidities and complications of COVID-19 in different age groups were addressed. Special focus was put on issues within the Kenyan content such as infection prevention, isolation and quarantine status in the country, sanitation and proper use of PPEs, and the impact of the pandemic on standing health programs. Furthermore, the team became a social support system for members.

The main challenge was finding credible and verified information since findings were being reported and disputed on a daily basis. This challenge required meticulous research.

We note that research is key in the achievement of UHC, especially for the training of healthcare workers to ensure a well informed and competent health worker force as well as a population that is equipped with the right information to promote good health behaviours. Investment in research and involvement of young people in the same is a way to improve access to health and general health outcomes.

For more information, contact the author: Lilian Ngaruiya, Ryculture Health and Social Innovation,

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