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Our COVID-19 response included working with communities to support recovery from the food and nutrition crises caused by pandemic-related lockdowns. We launched a community training and capacity building program as well as empowerment for farmers in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

We visited a farming community at the Dogon Fili, Laminga in Nasarawa State where we engaged the community and community leaders on training and support to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the recent 2020 Nutrition week, we were on radio Hot FM to discuss the poor nutrition index in Nigeria, solutions, and way forward to reduce the scourge of malnutrition. These programs we started are supposed to run till the next one year to ensure total recovery and sustainable development.


For more information, contact the author: Lizzy Igbine, NWAAFA

In the lead-up to UHC Day 2020 (“Health for All: Protect Everyone”), we are highlighting how CSEM member organizations are contributing to ensure the COVID-19 response protects everyone and keeping momentum going for universal health coverage amid the crisis. See more.

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