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EANNASO - Afya DigitalEastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organisations (EANNASO) is a regional network organization that has programs across anglophone Africa countries that promotes health innovations and specializes in providing information dissemination solutions in order to improve health outcomes for communities. Through health innovations EANNASO empowers communities to act and supports advocacy efforts for better health policies in eastern Africa and across anglophone Africa.

Through the support of the Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa (IIDEA), EANNASO developed a digital health platform, “Wananchi,” that disseminates health information to border communities in Kenya and Tanzania and travelers within the East Africa region. It aims to improve access to essential health services for communities by providing information on where specific services are available. In addition, health service providers can claim a page, update their information, and broadcast announcements. The platform is accessible on all smart devices including smart phones and computers with a potential to be upgraded as a downloadable app.

Launched in June 2020 with an initial focus on essential health services, the platform was quickly adapted to include COVID-19 information on a specific page about the new virus. At a time when evidence and regulations changed quickly and there was an onslaught of information and misinformation from all sides, the Wananchi platform helped streamline the most useful pandemic information for communities at the border and for travellers. More than 6,000 people accessed information related to the pandemic, including the latest health travel requirements, availability of health facilities, information on country pandemic and epidemic outbreaks, contacts of medical practitioners nearby, and other important features for people travelling from and to EAC partner countries.

Hear Onesmus Mlewa Kalama, Technical Support Center Manager at EANNASO, discuss the goals of the Wananchi digital health platform, the community’s role in shaping this innovation, and plans for expansion across the region.

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In the lead-up to UHC Day 2020 (“Health for All: Protect Everyone”), we are highlighting how CSEM member organizations are contributing to ensure the COVID-19 response protects everyone and keeping momentum going for universal health coverage amid the crisis. See more.

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