C20 Summit: Strengthening UHC Engagement

In May 2021, the G20 Global Health Summit affirmed the importance of achieving universal health coverage (UHC) with primary health care at its center. The new Rome Declaration signed at the Summit included global recommendations to foster all-of-society and health-in-all policies approaches and inclusive dialogues with civil society.

Civil 20 (C20) is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20, providing a platform for civil society organizations around the world to influence political dialogue with the G20 leadership.

At the C20 Summit 2021, CSEM and partners at the C20 Summit to discuss the importance of civil society engagement to achieve UHC commitments and present the new Health for All Advocacy Toolkit.

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Strengthening UHC Engagement: A New Toolkit For Civil Society

Thursday, 07 October 2021

Speakers included:

  • Jennifer Ho, Deputy Director, APCASO
  • Masaki Inaba, Program Director for Global Health, Africa Japan Forum (CSEM Advisory Group Member)
  • Justin Koonin, Co-Chair, UHC2030 Steering Committee 
  • Natia Loladze, President, Georgia Red Cross Society
  • Collins Masinde, Chairperson, Youth for Sustainable Development – Bungoma, Kenya
  • Samuel Matsikure, Program Manager, GALZ, Zimbabwe
  • Eliana Monteforte, Director of Special Projects, Global Health Council (CSEM Advisory Group Member)

This event was co-hosted by CSEM, UHC2030, APCASO, Aidsfonds, Georgia Red Cross, Global Health Council, GNP+, IFRC, Living Goods, Love Alliance, Management Sciences for Health, NCD Alliance, UNAIDS, WACI Health, and White Ribbon Alliance Kenya.