The CSEM is thrilled to share the Health for All Advocacy Toolkit (beta version), a new, interactive tool for civil society advocates interested in kick-starting advocacy for universal health coverage (UHC).

It includes key information and tools to make the case for UHC and hold policymakers to account on their commitments. The web tool aims to build capacity, inspire and mobilize civil society in support of the global movement for UHC.

The Toolkit will be officially launched in September 2021 in English, French, and Spanish. A downloadable PDF will also be made available later this year.

You are invited to explore this beta version of the Toolkit and submit your feedback through the Feedback Form. Comments submitted through 23 August 2021 will be used to improve the Toolkit before the official launch in September. In addition, this web-based toolkit will remain a live resource; additions and updates, including new resources submitted by our members and details on important UHC-related global and regional moments, will be made periodically.

Why was the Toolkit developed?

In the lead up to the United Nations High-Level Meeting (HLM) on UHC in 2019, civil society and community representatives in countries around the world, convened by the CSEM, asked for more knowledge and information about UHC as well as about global level advocacy initiatives and platforms. The CSEM surveyed its members and other global health civil society to understand the specific kinds of information and resources that would be most useful in supporting their work on UHC. The survey received over 100 responses from 40 countries. Over 75% of respondents asked for practical tools and guidance for UHC advocacy. The Health for All Toolkit was developed to respond to these needs and to provide one-stop access to  existing resources and toolkits for UHC. The Toolkit was developed by the CSEM, with support from UHC2030, Equal International, and a reference group—we extend our sincere thanks to all contributors!

Who is the Toolkit for?

The Toolkit is designed to be used by civil society advocates who are interested in learning more about what universal health coverage means; what commitments have been made to UHC at the global, regional, and country levels; and how they can incorporate UHC principles into their advocacy. The resources may also be useful for CSOs advocating on specific health issues or on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) beyond health, as the Toolkit provides information on how connecting to UHC advocacy can strengthen those efforts.

What is in the toolkit?

📑 Part 1: Introduction to Universal Health Coverage—provides an introduction to UHC, what it is, why health for all is vital, and how it can contribute to health as well as other SDGs.
📑 Part 2: Why civil society needs to engage in Universal Health Coverage—explores the critical role of civil society and communities in all stages of UHC design and implementation, and conveys civil society’s key calls to action.
📑 Part 3: How to participate—provides step-by-step guidance and tools for UHC advocacy at the national level.
🔗 The resource library links users to other complementary toolkits, additional learning materials and tools for their advocacy campaigns.

How will the toolkit be shared and used?

The Health for All Toolkit will be launched in late September 2021 with English, French, and Spanish web versions as well as a downloadable PDF version. CSEM members and partners are encouraged to distribute it through their networks.

More information about the launch event and ways to participate will be shared. Other opportunities to share your experience with using the toolkit and network with other users are also forthcoming.

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