Special Health Initiatives

Why should advocates for specific health causes get behind UHC? Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is Target 3.8 in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reflects an approach which is rooted in human rights. Everyone is entitled to the healthcare they need without facing financing hardship.

UHC supports programme-specific health initiatives because of the following:

  • Availability of health services depends on a functioning health system and government’s priority in health. In many countries health services are poorly funded by public resources
  • The right to health means that access to services should be universal
  • Leave no one behind is one of SDG principles which should underpin all health work
  • UHC encourages governments to deliver health services based on rights, equity and needs, to plan for the available resources as well as increase them

We call on all health advocates to adapt political messages around UHC, alongside your programme-specific messages. It will help reduce fragmentation and competition among health initiatives which can get more attention in governments’ priority in the SDGs.

We Recommend

  • When arguing for action on your specific health topic, also call for UHC that increases domestic and donor resources for health and promises to leave no one behind
  • Encourage specific health initiatives to learn about UHC core messages and how to influence governments on this with your topic
  • Take part in global and country campaigns for International UHC Day on 12 December
  • Ensure that governments are accountable for their commitments in health
  • Prepare your arguments from equity angle and part of the benefit packages of UHC
  • Promote comprehensive-people centered primary health care rather than creating silos