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Yaye Sophiétou Diop

Yaye Sophiétou Diop

Advocacy Manager, Speak Up Africa

Yaye Sophiétou Diop is an advocacy and strategic communications specialist at Speak Up Africa with over nine years of experience in public health issues.

Holder of a master’s degree in strategic communication, Sophiétou is responsible for overseeing the advocacy strategy across programs on sanitation, Neglected Tropical Diseases, immunization, global health research and development, and gender as well as civil society engagement across these issue areas.

She ensures cohesion within the program teams and assures linkages among all issue areas. Her work focuses mainly on formative research, strategy development, training, and coaching in the implementation of communication and advocacy activities.

Passionate about research, she has worked on topics related to health, agriculture, equity, gender, and sanitation.