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Sanaa Belabbes

Sanaa Belabbes

National Board Member, Association de Lutte Contre le Sida

Sanaa Belabbes is a National Board member of Association de Lutte Contre le Sida (ALCS), one of the largest NGOs fighting against HIV in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and a founding member of Coalition Plus. Before joining the National Board, Sanaa was a project manager at ALCS and worked on projects on access to healthcare for key populations and capacity building of other NGOs in the MENA region. 

She is currently a faculty member of the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences (Casablanca, Morocco), responsible of an executive MBA of Healthcare Management. She is also a member of a knowledge center where she works on evidence based research for decision-making and public health policies. 

She holds a PhD in Management. Her areas of expertise include health planning, project management, strategic planning, and quality of care.