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Laura Adams

Laura Adams

Global Health Programme Advisor, Christian Aid

Laura Adams is a health program specialist with over 12-years of experience in program development, strategic oversight, policy, advocacy and monitoring and evaluation within the global health field.

Laura is currently the Global Health Programme Advisor at Christian Aid, providing health technical support and advice to eight health programs across Africa and Asia. Thematically Laura has expertize in Maternal and Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, adolescent health, HIV, social norms, health governance, resilience, nutrition and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, and has a strong policy focus on Universal Health Coverage.

Before this, Laura worked in Sierra Leone for three years on maternal and child health and gender-based violence programs. She has a Masters in Conflict, Security and Development from Kings College London.

Laura is committed to the global achievement of Universal Health Coverage, passionately believing that everyone deserves to understand and access their right to health and thus thrive in a resilient and healthy society.