As part of the High-level Meeting (HLM) on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) follow-up, the CSEM is pleased to share advocacy tools related to the outcomes of the 2023 Political Declaration on UHC. We hope you find them useful in your efforts to drive the implementation of the HLM commitments in your countries and hold governments accountable.

You can find below:

1) A comprehensive analysis of the 2023 Political Declaration on UHC in comparison with the Action Agenda from the UHC movement and the 2019 declaration. This table is intended to support advocates to rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses of the 2023 PD on UHC. It serves as a reference tool for advocates in their engagement with governments to drive the implementation of the HLM commitments.

2) A civil society briefing note that provides a high-level summary of the detailed analysis of the 2023 Political Declaration on UHC and contains additional advocacy resources.

In addition, you can also find here a cross-analysis of the 3 Political Declarations on UHC, TB and PPPR developed by the Global Health Council.

Let’s keep the momentum going to ensure the world’s leaders deliver on their commitments to advance health for all!

Tools for a comprehensive analysis of the 2023 Political Decalaration on UHC 

Key recommendations from 2022 consultations
Recommendations - 2 from country consultations

The 2023 Political Declaration is available in all UN languages: English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese.

You can also watch the recordings of the HLM on UHC including the opening, plenary, and closing here, panel 1 here, and panel 2 here for more information.  

Additional resources 


Tracking universal health coverage: 2023 Global Monitoring Report (GMR):To track progress on UHC implementation, the Global Monitoring Report (GMR) is published bi-annually by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank.

The Civil Society Commentary on the 2023 GMR: In response to the GMR, the CSEM published a Civil Society Commentary to highlight civil society perspectives on progress toward UHC and call to action for governments

The State of the UHC Commitment Review: The Review is a political, country-focused and action-oriented tool that complements the more technical and global UHC monitoring report.

Findings from 2021 and 2022 Country Consultations on the state of UHC commitment: The CSEM led 37 civil society consultations across 43 countries as part of the multi-stakeholder State of the UHC Commitment Review. The consultations captured stories, lived experiences, and perspectives of civil society and communities that show the real progress made toward UHC implementation at the country level.

Advocacy brief toward a WHA Resolution on social participation: The CSEM has developed an advocacy brief to guide civil society actions towards building support for the WHA resolution on social participation. The brief provides background information, key advocacy asks and identifies milestones in the lead up to the WHA.