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Christian Alberto Acosta Ruiz

Christian Alberto Acosta Ruiz

Corporación Kimirina

With over a decade’s dedication to public health, Christian has been immersed in the field since 2007, focusing on implementing vital projects for the Global Fund in Ecuador. As a member of the Principal Recipient team within SC organization and government collaborations, his work has spanned various fronts, including tuberculosis monitoring, HIV community services, and public health management.

During the early 2010s, he served a pivotal role within the Ministry of Health for several years. As an analyst of National Health Programs, he contributed significantly to initiatives addressing HIV, TB, and malaria.

His tenure with Kimirina, Ecuadorian HIV organization since 2000, epitomizes dedication to community-led HIV prevention and response. From pioneering initiatives to global advocacy, Kimirina fosters partnerships and drives innovation, advancing comprehensive health rights for marginalized populations andis a member of Coalition Plus and Frontline AIDS.

Leading coordination efforts from local to international level, he has played an integral role in the Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (PPPR) Working Group. Kimirina’s focus on community-led strategies within the Pandemic Accord underscores Christaian’s commitment to amplifying community voices within pandemic fund structures.